Tropical Cyclone Claudia has formed off Australia’s Kimberly Coast to the northeast of Kalumburu, and is forecast to intensify as it moves southwestward over open waters off Australia’s western coast. Claudia is the second tropical cyclone of the Australian cyclone season, following Blake, which impacted portions of Western Australia earlierRead More →

A large frontal system is keeping weather in the eastern two-thirds of the United States unsettled today. In the Deep South and southern Gulf Coast, under the warm sector of this system, dangerous severe weather is expected through the afternoon and evening, with severe thunderstorms forecast parts of the LowerRead More →

The record-breaking 2019 cyclone season in the Indian Ocean continues this Friday morning with tropical cyclones forming on both sides of the equator. In the Northern Hemisphere, Tropical Cyclone Pawan threatens Somalia and eastern Africa with heavy rainfall and the threat for flooding. In the Southern Hemisphere, Tropical Cyclone BelnaRead More →

The long-lasting 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is not over yet: Tropical Storm Sebastien has formed in the basin near the Lesser Antilles. Sebastien is forecast to remain over open waters and become extratropical later this week. In the Western Hemisphere, the Philippines are facing a double threat from Typhoon KalmaegiRead More →

The broad area of disturbed weather which the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has been monitoring during the past few days over the Gulf of Mexico has finally acquired a sufficiently defined center to be classified as a tropical cyclone. The storm’s name is Nestor, and it is the fourteenth namedRead More →

Typhoon Hagibis continues its approach toward the Japanese island of Honshu as a large and still powerful typhoon. The powerful cyclone peaked as a Category 5 super typhoon on Wednesday before beginning a slow weakening trend. It remains a Category 2 system this morning and should continue to gradually weakenRead More →

Tropical Storm Hagibis has formed in the Western North Pacific, and its looking likely that it could become a potent and potentially dangerous tropical cyclone. The cyclone is the nineteenth tropical storm of the Pacific typhoon season, and its name, contributed to the basin’s naming lists by the Philippines, meansRead More →