This July has been another unusual month worldwide in terms of climatology. All activity was centered in the northern hemisphere as one would expect, although the distribution of storms was highly unusual, with the bulk of the activity focused on the Atlantic and eastern Pacific rather than the western Pacific.Read More →

This June has been a fairly inactive month worldwide with 6 total tropical cyclones and 5 named cyclones, although it still featured several notable storms. The Atlantic Basin featured two systems, both of which were named. The first system, Tropical Storm Cristobal, formed on June 1 as Tropical Depression ThreeRead More →

Tropical Storm Cristobal has continued to gradually restrengthen over the past day. As of the latest estimates, Cristobal is producing maximum sustained winds of around 50 mph and a minimum central pressure of 994 mbar, making it a moderate tropical storm. Cristobal has begun to also cause impacts the GulfRead More →