Our animations for the 2018-19 Southern Hemisphere seasons are finally released. Some differences exist in official analysis compared to Force Thirteen Analysis. Southwest Indian Animation https://youtu.be/xShneF5kBIo The SWIO Season was above average this season, with a whopping 9 Category 3+ storms forming. The strongest was Cyclone Cilida, which peaked as aRead More →

India has a tropical cyclone looming in the Bay of Bengal – Cyclone Fani. As of 15z, Fani had winds of 120 miles per hour, or 195 kilometers per hour, making the storm a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, along with a pressure of 951 millibars. Fani is movingRead More →

On March 20, 2019, we witnessed an unprecedented event – Cyclone Veronica’s explosive intensification. In 12 hours, Veronica intensified from 85 mph to 155 mph based upon Force Thirteen Analysis, accompanied by a pressure drop from 967 millibars to 935 millibars – a 80 mph increase and 32 millibar drop.Read More →