Felicia refuses to give up and intensifies even further due to a southward jog. The movement provides a higher sea surface temperature for further intensification. By the Latest Force Thirteen Analysis at 12:00UTC we believe Felicia has intensified into a category 5 hurricane with winds of 165mph. However, the latestRead More →

Small-sized Felicia continued rapidly intensifying today and has successfully reached major hurricane status. Currently, it is moving westward and out to sea over the open Eastern Pacific, with winds of 115mph and a pressure of 965mb per our latest analysis. Felicia is near its peak now and weakening is expectedRead More →

Tropical Storm Elsa is still intensifying under moderate shear, and now as of the latest Force Thirteen analysis, it’s now a 70mph tropical storm with a minimum central pressure of 998mb. Force Thirteen will be running a live coverage on Elsa very soon at 16:00EDT as it’s heading towards Florida.Read More →

Choi-Wan (PAGASA: Dante) maintained its tropical storm status as it brought torrential rainfall and flash flooding to the Philippines while it brushed the Visayas and Southern Luzon. Currently, it is a 40mph tropical storm by the latest Force Thirteen analysis and is expected to weaken substantially due to persistently highRead More →

Yesterday, Yaas was expected to peak and make landfall as a 70kts category 1 cyclone as high wind shear unfavoured its development, Yaas continues to steadily intensify more than what was originally anticipated. Right now it still has around 12 hours for development before landfall and is already an 85mphRead More →

Niran reaching peak intensity, image courtesy of Jagsko.

The southern hemisphere is currently in a white-hot situation, with cyclones Mirian, 91S, Niran and Habana. In this article, we will focus on cyclone Niran, which now becomes the second category 5 cyclone in 2021, on both Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale and the Australian scale. Niran is expected to bearRead More →