It seems like the north Indian Ocean is making a run on their activity, as two tropical cyclones are now threatening different countries. Tropical Storm 03A has formed in the Arabian Sea, located near 10.5 degrees north, 53.8 degrees east, approximately 535 nautical miles to the east-southeast of Aden, Yemen.Read More →

Hurricane Iota has now rapidly intensified from a mere category 2 hurricane of 100 mph, into a category 4 hurricane. Iota is currently located at 13.5 degrees north, 80.7 degrees west, about 45 miles east-northeast of Isla De Providencia, Colombia, and about 190 miles east-southeast of Cabo Gracias a DiosRead More →

Tropical Storm Vamco has now intensified into a category 1 typhoon, and satellite presentations suggests that the storm is now building up an eye. Vamco is located near 14.8 degrees north, 124.5 degrees east, approximately 203 nautical miles east of the Philippines’ capital, Manila. The storm has a maximum sustainedRead More →