Tropical Storm Ida continues to intensify further as it nears the western part of Cuba, where hurricane warnings were just issued for the incoming storm. Reconnaissance aircraft are also currently measuring Ida as of this post. Ida is located at 20.8° north, 81.9° west, about 75 miles (125 kilometers) southeastRead More →

Tropics: Northern Atlantic Basin: Hurricane Elsa: On July 1, Potential Tropical Cyclone Five formed in the Atlantic’s Main Development Region (MDR), and it further intensified into Tropical Storm Elsa later in the day. Elsa later intensified into a category 1 hurricane after making a close pass in Barbados before makingRead More →

As Tropical Cyclone Seroja approaches Western Australia while absorbing Tropical Cyclone Odette, warnings and watches are being issued in preparation for the storm. Seroja is currently located at 21.4 degrees south, 108.6 degrees east, approximately 86 nautical miles to the northwest of Learmonth, Australia. The storm currently has maximum 1-minuteRead More →

Tropical Cyclone Faraji has rapidly intensified into a category 3-equivalent cyclone in the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, or SSHWS. Faraji is currently located near 14.9 degrees south, 79.7 degrees east, with maximum sustained winds of 115 mph (185 km/h) 1-minute sustained, and a minimum central pressure of 960 millibars, accordingRead More →

As Tropical Storm Eloise moves closer to the country of Madagascar, cyclone warnings are now put into effect on parts of the country. Tropical Storm Eloise is located near 13.7 degrees east, 56.6 degrees east, approximately 386 nautical miles to the north of Port Louis in Mauritius. The storm currentlyRead More →

The Australian Region basin is now coming back with activity, as two tropical systems have recently formed, according to the Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) of the basin, the Bureau of Meteorology. Tropical Cyclone Kimi has formed 6 hours ago, currently located near 15.4 degrees south, 146.5 degrees east, approximatelyRead More →