On the 22nd of September a small depression formed in the North Sea, on the 24th it was officially named Odette by KMI (Belgian weatherservice). After this, Odette stalled in her place. She would not move for the coming day. On the 25th of September the storm-depression underwent Rapid Cyclogenesis.Read More →

It’s been now 8 years since Typhoon Pongsona made landfall on Guam, bringing in with destruction along with $370 million dollars in 2002 US dollars; if adjusted with inflation, it’s $465.4 million USD on 2020 currency. Pongsona was first noticed by the Japan Meteorological Agency on December 2, 2002, andRead More →

It’s been now 8 years since Typhoon Bopha made landfall in the Philippines, over Banganga, Mindanao. The typhoon had maximum winds of 175 mph (280 km/h) and a minimum pressure of 911 millibars. It brought torrential rains that flattened entire villages, leaving thousands homeless, as well as washing out roadsRead More →

Before the 2005 season began, meteorologists knew it was going to be active. The positive Atlantic multidecadal oscillation (+AMO) phase had been present in the Atlantic for a decade now which was causing above average sea surface temperatures (SST’s) across the basin making it more favorable for cyclone genesis. SinceRead More →

It’s been now 7 years since Typhoon Haiyan made a catastrophic landfall in Guiuan, Eastern Samar in the Philippines. The typhoon had a maximum wind speed of 195mph and a minimum pressure of 895 millibars when it made landfall. It was regarded as the strongest landfall in terms of 1-minuteRead More →

Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic hurricane that caused extreme destruction across Southern Florida and Southeastern Louisiana in August of the record shattering 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. Today we commemorate the 15th anniversary of Katrina’s legendary landfall in Southeastern Louisiana as a Category 3 major hurricane. Hurricane Katrina’s origins can beRead More →

Today we commemorate the 15th anniversary of Cyclone Percy and it’s Category 5-equivalent peak intensity in the South Pacific ocean basin on this day, March 2nd. While not very damaging compared to other cyclones (though it was still very devastating for the islands of Swains, Tokelau and Cook) nor deadly,Read More →