After moving through Madagascar, Tropical Storm Chalane has begun re-intensifying in the Mozambique Channel, and officials in both Mozambique and Zimbabwe have begun preparations. Tropical Storm Chalane is located near 19.6 degrees south, 39.9 degrees east, approximately 157 nautical miles to the north of Europa Island. The storm has 1-minuteRead More →

Tropical Depression 97B is located near 8.2N 85.4E, approximately 335 miles southeast of Chennai, India.Tropical Depression 97B is currently in a favorable environment for development with good poleward and equatorward outflow, low vertical wind shear, and warm  sea surface temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees celcius or 85 degrees fahrenhait.InfraredRead More →

It seems like the north Indian Ocean is making a run on their activity, as two tropical cyclones are now threatening different countries. Tropical Storm 03A has formed in the Arabian Sea, located near 10.5 degrees north, 53.8 degrees east, approximately 535 nautical miles to the east-southeast of Aden, Yemen.Read More →