Kimi strengthened more today, heading close to category 1 in the Saffir-simpson Hurricane Scale (SSHS). But it is expected to weaken soon with increasing wind shear striking it. Currently it is bringing some winds and heavy rainfall to the coast of Queensland, and now it’s forecasted to continue its south-southeastRead More →

Cyclone Yasa is located 241km north-northwest of Suva, Fiji, and has tracked east-southeastward at 20 km/h over the past 6 hours.Environmental analysis reveals an overall favorable environment characterized by warm (28-29°C) sea surface temperatures, low (5-10 knots) vertical wind shear, good equatorward outflow, and enhanced poleward outflow aloft.The system isRead More →

In the past two days Yasa barely moves, but due to this, it absorbed so much energy and with good outflow, it has started to intensify more rapidly. Currently it is a category 5 cyclone in Australian scale and category 4 in SSHS. It is expected to continue its intensificationRead More →

As of 3:00AM UTC, cyclone Yasa is currently a Category 2 in Saffir Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Cyclone Yasa is located approximately 725km west-northwest of Suva, Fiji, and has tracked northeastward at 7 kmh (4mph) over the past 6 hours.Satellite imagery reveals a 20 nautical miles ragged eye that hasRead More →

The South Pacific now has given birth to its first named storm, Yasa, and a new tropical storm. Tropical Storm Yasa (02F/05P) is located near 15.6 degrees south, 172.3 degrees east, approximately 381 nautical miles to the west-northwest of Suva, Fiji. The storm has sustained winds of 50 mph (85Read More →

The south Pacific basin is also kicking off with 2 disturbances, invest 90P (01F) and 91P formed on the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) and the former may have a chance to go further, but where will it go is still very uncertain. Current Storm Information Invest 90P (01F)90P was numberedRead More →

The 2019-20 season in the Southern Hemisphere has begun, with Invest 90P being declared a Tropical Depression by RSMC Fiji at 19:26 UTC on November 23rd, being given the designation 01F. At 2300z, Tropical Depression 01F was located near 10.0°S, 167.9°E (or about 105 miles east-northeast of the Reef Islands),Read More →