After having lacked deep convection for several hours, Tropical Depression Alvin, a former hurricane, degenerated into a post-tropical remnant low today. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued its last advisory on Alvin at 8:00 AM PDT (15:00 UTC), declaring the cyclone to have became a post-tropical cyclone. Alvin’s remnant lowRead More →

Our animations for the 2018-19 Southern Hemisphere seasons are finally released. Some differences exist in official analysis compared to Force Thirteen Analysis. Southwest Indian Animation The SWIO Season was above average this season, with a whopping 9 Category 3+ storms forming. The strongest was Cyclone Cilida, which peaked as aRead More →

CONNECTICUT (F13) Typhoon Yutu, or Rosita in the Philippines, has maintained intensity on its final approach to landfall in the Northern Philippines, and is a life threatening situation for a region that has already been ravaged by another powerful typhoon in the near past. As of noon UTC the stormRead More →

CONNECTICUT (F13) Typhoon Yutu, or Rosita for the Philippines continues its approach towards Luzon and is a life threatening situation. As of 6pm UTC Yutu remains an extremely dangerous storm with maximum winds of 120mph and a minimum pressure of 944mb, the equivalent to a category three storm, with potentialRead More →