Two days of straight tornado activity over the Gulf Coast had produced almost 100 tornadoes and 5 fatalities. As people woke up across the nation the next morning, they quickly realized something horrifying: the worst was indeed not over and actually, hadn’t even started. April 27 would be the peakRead More →

One day of storms had produced 42 tornadoes and 5 fatalities. The ongoing system continued to move North and behind it, much warmer weather was ushered into the region. Maybe the worst was over, people thought. Maybe the threat would finally move east and no longer affect the region. InRead More →

On Thursday April 14, 2011, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) predicted that a significant severe weather outbreak would take place across the South in the coming days. A Moderate Risk for severe weather was issued for the next 2 days meaning that widespread severe storms-including numerous damaging and long-tracked tornadoes-seemedRead More →

Today there is potential for a historic severe weather outbreak centered over the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Understand that this is an incredibly dangerous situation evolving and that one needs to be ready to immediately activate tornado safety plans. The SPC noted the potential for “long-tracked, violent tornadoes”Read More →

As the storm prediction center have issued a Significant Risk for Tornadoes, severe weather, wind, hail and rain, the HRRR forecasts the possibility of strong isolated supercells which can produce strong long-lived tornadoes. In this article we’ll be discussing the risks and possibilities. A Severe Threat has been issued aswell.Read More →

After a cold and wintry February, much of the United States has enjoyed a couple weeks of warmth and dry weather. As they say, good things aren’t meant to last forever, in this case referring to a storm forecast to move through the Rocky Mountains and Eastern Plains this weekend.Read More →