Super Typhoon Surigae Becomes Strongest Storm of 2021

Super Typhoon Surigae explosively intensified on Saturday, bringing the storm to contain winds of 180mph and a pressure of 900mb, making it the strongest storm of the year so far, and the strongest typhoon to ever occur in the month of April in the Western Pacific. Surigae should miss a

Cyclone Faraji Holding Steady as a Category 2 Cyclone, can Still Reintensify – Video Update

Cyclone Faraji has started weakening at a slower pace over the open Indian Ocean. Reintensification still seems possible 4-5 days out as the storm poses no threat to land. Video Update:  

Cyclone Faraji Weakens to a Category 2 but may Restrengthen – Video Update

Cyclone Faraji continues to be on a slow weakening trend in ever increasing shear but may restrengthen as conditions improve later this week. Video update:

Cyclone Faraji Weakens to a Category 3 – Video Update

Cyclone Faraji is now on a weakening trend as it slowly traverses the Indian Ocean. It poses no threat to land and is expected to dissipate early next week. Video Update: