2 tropical storms form in the Atlantic

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Two new tropical storms have formed in the Atlantic – Olga in the Western Gulf of Mexico, Pablo near the Azores.

Tropical Storm Olga forms in the Gulf of Mexico
Tropical Depression Seventeen formed earlier today, and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Olga at 5 PM EDT Friday with max winds of 40 mph, and a pressure of 998 mb. Olga is forecast to be short lived, and to continue rapidly north-northeast while turning post-tropical before making landfall in Louisiana. Olga is forecast to produce some flash flooding from Louisiana up to Indiana this weekend.

Tropical Storm Pablo forms near the Azores

Tropical Storm Pablo is located 36.0N, 32.6W, or Southwest of the Azores. Maximum sustained winds are 45 miles per hour, along with a pressure of 990 millibars. Pablo is forecast to move northeast towards the Azores, potentially become a hurricane while doing so.

Stay tuned to your local weather forecast office for the latest on Olga and Pablo, as well as Force Thirteen’s Outlets for any video updates we may produce.

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