2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season Animation Premiers Tuesday at 22z (5PM EST)


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 11th at 22z as Force Thirteen presents its premier animation of the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane season- the fourth costliest hurricane season on record, featuring revamped animation styles and storm tracks. Relive 2021 and the concerto of storms as 2021 surpassed the damage seen by the previous year and its frenzy of storms. While it was undoubtedly less active than 2020, the ending of the naming list was once again reached with Ida being the most destructive of the season.

When Ida made landfall in Louisiana, it tied Hurricane Laura of 2020 and The Last Island Hurricane of 1856 as the strongest storm in terms of wind speed to hit the state. Damage was catastrophic not only there, but in the Northeast where massive flooding contributed to tens of billions of dollars in regards to damages. Sam would also go on to be one of few storms in the Atlantic to generate 50 ACE (accumulated cyclone energy) in the basin as it traversed the Atlantic from late September to early October.

You can watch the premiere on Tuesday by using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vUVTxDZtzA

Or by watching the embedded stream here:

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