Tropical Storm Surigae Likely to Become Strong Typhoon

Current information for Tropical Storm Surigae as of 2:30am PHT.

Tropical Storm Surigae has formed as of Wednesday afternoon Philippine time as the storm presents a possible threat as a strong typhoon to the region. As of 18z Wednesday or 2am Philippine time, Surigae was located at roughly 9 degrees North and 136.7 degrees West and was moving to the WNW at 8mph. The storm possessed winds of 50mph (80kph.) Surigae is the second storm to form in the West Pacific to date, with the first storm in the basin this year being Tropical Storm Dujuan (Philippine Name Auring.) Surigae is expected to brush the main Philippine islands to the east, however the possibility of a strong Philippine impact cannot be ruled out.


Surigae, as mentioned has an uncertain future as it progresses to the WNW in the coming days. Force Thirteen currently projects that Surigae will move to the east of the Philippines as an intense category four typhoon on Sunday and Monday. Interests in the Philippines should still remain on high alert as the system could potentially make a jog west in future runs. However, at this time, the main threat looks to be to the east of the Philippines, a well-welcomed forecast as these areas are still recovering from Typhoon Vongfong which made a brush to the region during May of last year.

Force Thirteen’s latest cone on Tropical Storm Surigae.

Surigae is currently developing rather quickly and is likely to become a typhoon by this evening or tomorrow morning in the Philippines. Fast intensification is likely to occur as Surigae is located in a highly conducive environment for intensification. The intensity of Surigae as it passes by the Philippines will likely depend on how much it intensifies in the next 36 hours. Force Thirteen’s latest forecast puts the storm at a peak of 145mph, or 235kph on Monday or early Tuesday. Remember to check your local RSMC and local meteorological office for the most accurate information for your local area, and continue to view Force Thirteen’s continuing coverage on Youtube as while as Twitter and Facebook.


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Article written by Preston Schenk, feature image courtesy of Isaac G.

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3 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Surigae Likely to Become Strong Typhoon

  1. Wow, some areas are recovering from Vongfong?I do not want Surigae to impact the Philippines because it’s always better to see a strong storm not impacting land.This storm(if it doesn’t impact the Philippines) could be just Wutip but weaker.

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