Tropical Storm Karl forms in the Gulf of Mexico – Tropical Weather Bulletin


Tropical Storm Karl formed earlier today in the Bay of Campeche, in the southern Gulf of Mexico, not far from the Mexican provinces of Veracruz and Tabasco. This storm is expected to meander in the general vicinity for a few days, before sinking back towards the south and eventually making landfall near the city of Veracruz at the weekend. Karl is expected to remain a fairly weak tropical storm, and tropical storm watches are in effect.

Elsewhere, four areas of interest are active in the Western Pacific, and all four could form in the next few days. The biggest threat is likely to be the area near the Mariana Islands, which is forecasted to approach Taiwan as a typhoon by the weekend or early next week. However, confidence in this area is incredibly poor even at short range, given the current conditions. Another area could form in the South China Sea and deliver up to 600mm of rainfall to parts of Vietnam next week.

In the Indian Ocean, a storm could form next week near the Andaman islands and head towards the coast of India. Interests in this area should monitor the potential for this system.

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