New typhoon threat for the Philippines – Tropical Weather Bulletin – October 27, 2022


The Western Pacific has thrown up another cyclonic threat in the Philippine Sea, already named Paeng by PAGASA. The storm is expected to strengthen significantly as it approaches the northern Philippines, with landfall expected late in the weekend potentially as a strong typhoon in central Luzon. With recent typhoons blowing up rapidly and unexpectedly, this system has the potential to follow in their footsteps and cause major issues for the Bicol Region northwards. Behind it, another area of interest is expected to remain fairly weak in the Philippine Sea, and may affect Yap and Palau next week.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, two areas of interest could develop into tropical cyclones – one in the Sargasso Sea to the southwest of Bermuda, and the other one developing in the Caribbean Sea later on in the five day period. The latter system could become a significant hurricane in the Central Caribbean, and current trends steer it southwestwards towards Nicaragua next week.

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