Tropical Storm Nalgae (#PaengPH) reaches western Luzon – Video Update


Nalgae peaked as a Category 1 typhoon as it moved across southern Luzon earlier today, and is now back down to a high end tropical storm as it crosses Manila Bay and reaches Bataan tonight. The storm is still delivering winds of up to 70 miles per hour sustained (110kph), and rainfall is still a grave concern for many areas, with a further 250mm of rain possible in parts of Luzon and Mindoro. Some areas are likely to exceed storm totals of 500mm, with flooding and landslides the main threat. So far, at least 45 have been killed by the storm with 17 missing.

Nalgae is expected to reintensify over the South China Sea, and could reach Category 2 typhoon status as it pulls northwards. However, strong ridging and poor conditions mean that the storm will be rapidly weakening by the time it arrives along the coast of China, and the track still remains highly uncertain as to a potential landfall zone.

Watch our latest update on the dangerous storm using this link:

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