Ex-Hurricane Martin blowing up in the North Atlantic – Tropical Weather Bulletin – November 4th, 2022


Hurricane Martin turned extratropical earlier today, and has ballooned in size as it continues northwards into the deep north Atlantic. The storm is impacting Greenland with storm conditions at this time, and is a powerful storm with winds near the center possibly at Category 2 force. The storm is expected to turn eastwards and affect Ireland, Scotland, and then swing towards Iceland over the weekend. The storm could cause rainfall totals of up to 4 inches (100mm) in places.

Tropical Depression Lisa is limping into the Bay of Campeche this evening, and is not likely to make it much further before dying off by the weekend. Lisa could even reintensify slightly before reaching its demise along the coast of Mexico. In the Atlantic, another area of interest is likely to develop next week to the north of Puerto Rico. A potential storm could develop and swipe towards central Florida.

In the southern Indian Ocean, Cyclone 04S formed well to the northwest of the Cocos Islands, and should remain fairly week as it runs westwards, out to sea.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaNV6qFi27Q

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