Force Thirteen

Force Thirteen has been providing comprehensive coverage of worldwide tropical cyclones since its inception in November 2011, and to this day remains at the forefront of cyclone tracking, innovative graphics and visualisations along with reliable, trusted forecasting.

Throughout the years, the project – which began as an animating experiment – has grown substantially, and continues to rely on its support base and volunteer team to continue its progress into the future.

The project is most renowned for its quick video updates, live events, full season and hypothetical animations, as well as its data branch, which contains the largest tropical cyclone database available online. The project also runs occasional forecasting competitions, and Hurricane Week – an annual documentary and entertainment feature.

Initially, Force Thirteen was a one-man team until others joined in 2015. At present, there are twelve members and dozens of contributors, all of which work voluntarily. Force Thirteen receives no external funding, and any contributions we do receive goes directly towards improving the quality of our service, such as improving our technical abilities through hardware and software, and hosting the website.