Alicia and Invest 93S mark the beginning of the 2020-21 Southwest Indian Ocean Cyclone Season


While the Northern Hemisphere is still active, the Southern Hemisphere is starting to warm up.

The JTWC cone for Alicia
Alicia has been named by Météo-France and is the first tropical storm in the Southwest Indian Ocean and for the Southern Hemisphere this season. As of 0UTC November 14th, the storm is in open waters approximately at 7.4 degrees south, 79.7 degrees east, 273 nautical miles from the island of Diego Garcia. Moving east-southeast at 20 knots with winds of 50 miles per hour and a pressure of 995 millibars, Météo-France forecasts Alicia to strengthen over time and peak as an 80 knot cyclone. As for the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), they forecast Alicia to strengthen and peak as a 70 knot cyclone. It is not expected to hit any landmass in the next few days, and will likely stay out to sea over its remaining lifetime.
Meanwhile, Invest 93S, located west of Alicia, has been designated by the JTWC and other agencies, but formation chances are unlikely to moderate for the time being.
Stay tuned for future updates about both of the storms.
(Alicia Satellite imagery by Isaac G.)

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