Atlantic Reaches Greeks for the Second Time Ever



The record breaking 2020 Atlantic Season has just smashed another record, becoming the second season ever to exhaust the 21 name long naming list, forcing the Greek alphabet to be brought out for the first time since 2005. Currently, a parade of storms are churning throughout the Atlantic basin, from the Gulf of Mexico to even off the coast of Portugal! Going from West to East, Tropical Depression Twenty-Two was located in the Western Gulf of Mexico, more specifically at 23.8 degrees N and 93.9 degrees W as of 10AM CDT Friday morning. Further to the east, Major Hurricane Teddy continues its charge towards Bermuda, where it could make landfall as a hurricane. Tropical Storm Wilfred also formed at the 11AM AST update, becoming the last named storm in the conventional naming list. Wilfred is expected to remain out to sea however, with little to no effects likely. Subtropical Storm Alpha, the first named storm from the Greek alphabet naming list, was located at a record breaking 39.9N and 9.3W, making it the easternmost storm ever to form in the Atlantic basin. The storm is currently about to make landfall just north of Lisbon, Portugal where strong winds and heavy rain are currently impacting. Further articles on these storms are likely later today, and future updates on these various systems and future systems in the Atlantic basin can be found on the Force Thirteen Youtube channel, as well as our various social mediums on Twitter and Facebook.

Current imagery of the Atlantic Basin, with Major Hurricane Teddy and Tropical Storm Wilfred best visible.











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