Today there is potential for a historic severe weather outbreak centered over the states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Understand that this is an incredibly dangerous situation evolving and that one needs to be ready to immediately activate tornado safety plans. The SPC noted the potential for “long-tracked, violent tornadoes”Read More →

Cyclone Niran is currently at 90kts(165km/h) according to Force Thirteen and intensifying off of the Northeast Coast of Australia. Parts of the Australian coast are still experiencing adverse conditions, and Cyclone Warnings were only recently lifted. The JTWC expects a close pass by New Caledonia at an intensity of approximatelyRead More →

As of the latest National Hurricane Center forecast, Advisory 15, Hurricane Iota is a 155mph(250km/h) major hurricane currently in the process of landfalling on the eastern coast of Nicaragua. The pressure of the system is 920mbar, and portions of Nicaragua are currently suffering extremely severe conditions. Hurricane Iota will landfallRead More →