Our Current Projects

Besides the coverage provided on the main channel, Force Thirteen also offers other services based on certain regions of the world for more local weather forecasts and coverage, as well as other miscellaneous channels for side projects!

Force Thirteen AU
The Force Thirteen Australia and Oceania Channel provides the latest weather updates for these regions of the world.
Current Project Leader: David Tones

Force Thirteen EU
The Force Thirteen Europe Channel delivers frequent weather forecasts and updates for Continental Europe.
Current Project Leader: Alexander Rechter

Force Thirteen PH
The Force Thirteen Philippines Page covers local weather, tropical cyclone and other natural events that occur in the Philippines and surrounding waters.
Current Project Leader: Ike Vergara

Force Thirteen UK
The Force Thirteen United Kingdom and Ireland Channel delivers frequent weather forecasts for the British Isles.
Current Project Leader: Kay Morrison

Force Thirteen US
The Force Thirteen United States and Caribbean Channel host regular updates for American weather and coverage for severe weather and winter storms.
Current Project Leader: Xavier Burns

Force Thirteen XTRA
The Force Thirteen XTRA channel is home to hypothetical hurricane season animations, as well as Force Thirteen’s bloopers and highlights.
Current Project Leader: Jason Mudd

Force Thirteen : Earthquakes
The Force Thirteen Earthquakes Channel provides real-time look into global seismic and activity and streams 24/7.
Current Project Leader: Jason Mudd

Force Thirteen : Tropical Archive
The Tropical Archive Channel provides satellite loops of a storm’s entire lifespan, using multiple different enhancements for more significant storms.
Current Project Leader: Jason Mudd

F13 Gaming
The F13 Gaming Channel is our hub for showing off our member’s gaming skills.
Current Project Leader: –