In a surprising turn of events, Typhoon Surigae has strengthened much faster than anticipated as it jumped 2 category’s in 12 hours to become the first category 4 typhoon of the 2021 Northern Hemisphere season. Further strengthening is anticipated but there is a large spread in models in what courseRead More →

It’s been now 8 years since Typhoon Pongsona made landfall on Guam, bringing in with destruction along with $370 million dollars in 2002 US dollars; if adjusted with inflation, it’s $465.4 million USD on 2020 currency. Pongsona was first noticed by the Japan Meteorological Agency on December 2, 2002, andRead More →

It’s been now 8 years since Typhoon Bopha made landfall in the Philippines, over Banganga, Mindanao. The typhoon had maximum winds of 175 mph (280 km/h) and a minimum pressure of 911 millibars. It brought torrential rains that flattened entire villages, leaving thousands homeless, as well as washing out roadsRead More →

Typhoon Vamco was forecast to weaken on approach to Vietnam, but it seems fate has changed its destiny yet again, as the storm underwent an unexpected rapid intensification in the South China Sea. Vamco is located near 15.5 degrees north, 113.4 degrees east, approximately 296 nautical miles to the eastRead More →