This July has been another unusual month worldwide in terms of climatology. All activity was centered in the northern hemisphere as one would expect, although the distribution of storms was highly unusual, with the bulk of the activity focused on the Atlantic and eastern Pacific rather than the western Pacific.Read More →

Two new tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific, Tropical Depression Seven-E and Tropical Storm Douglas, are today’s main headlines, with one on the way out and the other likely to strengthen over the next few days. Tropical Depression Seven-E, which developed yesterday morning, is currently weakening and expected to becomeRead More →

The long-lasting 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is not over yet: Tropical Storm Sebastien has formed in the basin near the Lesser Antilles. Sebastien is forecast to remain over open waters and become extratropical later this week. In the Western Hemisphere, the Philippines are facing a double threat from Typhoon KalmaegiRead More →

The tropics have become very active this week, with seven new cyclones forming across the Northern Hemisphere. Hurricanes Humberto and Jerry are churning in the open waters of the Atlantic as the remnants of Imelda continue to produce heavy rainfall over southern Texas. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Kiko continues its journeyRead More →

System name: Tropical Disturbance 01 Atmospheric pressure: 1002 hpa Position at 04hr00: 9.6 ° S 72.4 ° E Distance from Mauritius: 1970 KM North-East Distance from Rodrigues: 1465 KM Northeast. Trajectory: West-South-West, 12 km / hr. The stage of Tropical Depression is expected in less than 12 hours now andRead More →

Ces noms sont choisis sur des listes alphabétiques pré-définies, sachant que l’on démarre systématiquement à la lettre A pour le premier système baptisé d’une saison et que, normalement, un prénom utilisé ne l’est qu’une seule fois (ce qui n’a en pratique pas toujours été le cas). Depuis la saison 2000-2001,Read More →