Cyclone Fani approaches India

Cyclone Fani approaches India

Cyclone Fani as of 15z

India has a tropical cyclone looming in the Bay of Bengal – Cyclone Fani. As of 15z, Fani had winds of 120 miles per hour, or 195 kilometers per hour, making the storm a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, along with a pressure of 951 millibars. Fani is moving north-northeast at around 6 miles per hour, or 9 kilometers per hour. Right now, Fani is a Stage 5 on the CDPS scale, with 400-500 mm of rainfall expected in some parts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. A Yellow Warning has been raised in parts of Odisha in preparations of Fani.

Model forecasts for track guidance
Model forecasts for intensity

Fani is expected to track more towards the northeast, making landfall around Puri. Sustained winds at landfall could be still at Category 3 intensity. The JTWC is forecasting slight intensification in the next 12 hours to 125 miles per hour winds, though Fani could slightly intensify even more to Category 4 intensity before landfall. There is good certainty where the landfall will occur, but the largest amount of uncertainty remains is on Fani’s intensity.

As Fani creeps closer to the coastline, stay tuned to Force Thirteen’s media outlets as updates have been ongoing on YouTube.

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