Cyclone Fili Forecast to Scrape New Caledonia


Cyclone Fili is making its closest approach to New Caledonia bringing strong winds and rain to the French territory. On the latest bulletin by Météo France at 2AM local time (15z) the storm is located at 20.6S 163.4E or 85 kilometers west of Koumac with estimated 10-minute winds of 110 kph (60 knots). The minimum central pressure is estimated to be 977 millibars, and the cyclone moves toward the south-southeast at a speed of 18 kph. Over the last 24 hours, 100 to 190 mm of rain has fallen on the north and eastern coast. In the last hour, 110 kph gust has been recorded on Koumac.

Current Alerts:

Level 2 Cyclone Alert:

Municipalities of:

  • Poum
  • Ouégoa
  • Pouébo
  • Koumac
  • Kaala-Gomen
  • Bélep

Areas under Level 2 Cyclone Alert have cancelled all effective professional, school or commercial activity.

Level 1 Cyclone Alert:

Municipalities of:

  • Hienghène
  • Voh
  • Touho
  • Poindimié
  • Koné
  • Pouembout
  • Ponérihouen
  • Poya
  • Houailou
  • Kouaoua
  • Canala

These areas are expected to be under Level 2 Cyclone Alert from 6AM on Thursday, April 7. Cyclone pre-alert is maintained in the rest of the municipalities of New Caledonia. The safeguard phase will be triggered in the municipality of Bélep from 12PM on Thursday, April 7.


In the next 24 hours, Cyclone Fili will move towards the Southeast while slowly weakening. The cyclone’s center is forecast to be 140 km off Nouméa, New Caledonia’s capital tomorrow night. Gale winds will be experienced on Thursday throughout the archipelago. Rainfall of 100 to 200 mm in the next 24 hours is expected on the north and east coasts; as much as 300 mm in the northeast, less intense rain is expected on the western coast.

Current Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast cone for Fili, showing the storm scraping the coast of New Caledonia.

You can watch Force Thirteen’s latest video update on Fili using this link:

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