Cyclone Freddy Intensifying Yet Again Along the Coast of Madagascar – March 6, 2023


Cyclone Freddy is well and truly back with us, and is near hurricane equivalent strength along the southwestern coast of Madagascar. The storm’s rain core is fairly small, but is showing signs of eye formation and has a large moisture plume off to its east. The storm is expected to stall and then turn towards the northwest, and will reach the coast of Mozambique at the end of the week, near Quelimane. Rainfall from the storm is expected to be severe, especially near the center of the storm’s path. Wider regions are also expected to be severely affected by further rainfall on top of what the storm has already produced in the last week over the area.

Elsewhere, areas of interest in the Gulf of Carpentaria and near Rodrigues have low chances of development, whilst the remnants of Judy and Kevin persist in the South Pacific, away from land areas.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin here:

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