Cyclone Freddy Stalls Off the Coast of Mozambique – Video Update – March 11, 2023


Cyclone Freddy is delivering potentially catastrophic amounts of rainfall over the Quelimane region of Mozambique as the storm stalls just 30 kilometers offshore with winds of 175 kilometers per hour. The storm is expected to gradually weaken as it continues to stall for the next day or so, and is then likely to turn back out over the Mozambique Channel yet again. Up to 28 inches (700mm) of further rainfall is expected near the landfall zone, which was already inundated by Freddy’s first passage over a week ago. Widespread flooding is expected over the entire region of northern Mozambique, and into southern Malawi where over 8 inches (200mm) are possible.

Freddy is setting records for cyclone longevity and accumulated cyclone energy, 33 days since it first got named in the Australian region. The track forecast remains uncertain, and the storm may move inland. However, the bulk of model projections are now suggesting the storm to move out over the Mozambique channel and may persist for another ten days as it drifts southwards. Further impacts in Madagascar, southern Mozambique and South Africa cannot be ruled out.

Watch our full update using this link:

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11 months ago

I been tracking this storm for too long

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