Cyclone Impacts Possible for Australia and Philippines Next Week – Tropical Weather Bulletin – April 7, 2023


A tropical cyclone is forming off the coast of Australia’s Northern Territory this morning and is now determined to have reached tropical storm status northwest of Darwin. The system is expected to remain weak and erratic at first, but will generally move westwards and into the larger expanse of the Indian Ocean later this week.

By early next week, a rapid increase in the storm’s size and intensity is expected, and some model projections show an extremely strong storm affecting the coast of Western Australia next week. This remains a low confidence scenario and bears close monitoring.

In the Philippine Sea, a tropical cyclone may develop soon near Palau, as it ventures northwestwards towards the central Philippine islands. Models have trended closer towards a recurvature of the eventual storm, but the threat of strong winds and high rain accumulations is present, particularly for Samar, Catanduanes, and southeastern Luzon next week.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin here:

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