Cyclone Judy Blows Through Vanuatu – Tropical Weather Bulletin – March 1, 2023


Cyclone Judy has been intensifying as it cruises through the islands of Vanuatu, and recently passed the capital Port Vila, brushing the eastern side of the island with winds of up to 105 miles per hour (170kph). Judy is a Category 2 storm on the Saffir Simpson Scale, and is likely near its peak. The storm will gradually steer towards the southeast and won’t directly affect any other areas, however the storm’s broad convective influence will deliver large amounts of rainfall to Fiji and the entire Vanuatu chain, with maximums up to 400mm. Behind Judy, another storm could form later this week and take a similar track, but model guidance has trended downwards somewhat, and the second storm should be weaker.

Elsewhere, a tropical depression formed inland over the Northern Territory of Australia in the last 24 hours near Kununurra, and became more organised after moving inland from the Timor Sea. This system will die out in a day or so as it heads towards Davenport. Cyclone Enala is barely holding on in the Southwest Indian Ocean, and should expire in a day or so. The remnants of Cyclone Freddy are moving back over the Mozambique Channel, and isn’t likely to redevelop.

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