Cyclone Lili forms. Potential threat to Indonesia.


A rare event is happening in the southern hemisphere. A tropical cyclone is currently posing a threat to Indonesia. Tropical storm Lili has recently formed off the northern Australian coast and is currently poised to move in a west-northwesterly direction and make landfall on the island of Timor centered on the territory owned by East Timor.

As of 1500z 9 May, Lili was located at 9.1S 128.9E and had sustained winds of 40kt (45mph) according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) and is a category 1 cyclone on the Australian scale. The Storm is located 250 miles from Dili, 256 miles from Suai, 245 miles From Hera, 262 miles from Liquica, and 221 miles from Manatuto.

The Storm is expected to peak at 00z 10 May with sustained winds of 45kt (50mph) and is then expected steadily weaken as it approaches Timor. Lili is expected to make landfall on the East Timor part of the island at 00z 11 May with sustained winds of 35kt (40mph).

No warnings are currently in effect on the system as the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology expects it to weaken to a tropical low prior to landfall.

Rainfall will likely be the main threat with Lili, as the island is very mountainous and most of the cities are on or near the coast. And whether or not this system remains a tropical cyclone all the way until landfall is of little relevance as it will likely remain a rain threat either way.

Stay tuned to Force-13’s media outlets as more updates may come as this system nears land.

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