Cyclone Wallace Forms Off the Coast of Australia


Visible of Wallace, as of 19:00 UTC April 5th

A tropical disturbance named Invest 97S has finally became Tropical Cyclone Wallace. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center is currently giving it 1-minute sustained winds of 45 miles per hour, or 75 kilometers per hour, and Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology gives it the same 10-minute winds, accompanied with a pressure of 997 millibars. Wallace is moving southwest at 12 miles per hour, and is forecast to reach Category 3 on the AU Scale, and a strong tropical storm on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology’s Cone
JTWC Forecast

Model-wise, the HWRF model is forecasting a peak of 90 miles per hour in around 84 hours. Only the NAVGEM model is forecasting a landfall on the coast of Australia. The general consensus from the models is a mid to high-end tropical storm, which is significantly weaker than the recent Cyclone Veronica.

Intensity guidance models
Visible of Wallace, as of 19:00 UTC April 5th
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