Cyclone Warnings in effect along the Kimberley coast – April 9, 2023


Tropical Cyclone 18S, whilst still not named by the Bureau of Meteorology, is intensifying, and expected to become a very powerful cyclone as it nears Eighty Mile Beach by the middle of the week. Cyclone Warnings have been posted along the coast for Kalumburu and as far south as Kuri Bay, with watches continuing onwards to Beagle Bay. The cyclone structure is struggling at the moment, but is expected to consolidate in the next 24 hours, and more rapid strengthening will then be expected to begin. Latest projections show that the storm is likely to become a Category 5 on the Australian scale, and a Category 4 on the Saffir Simpson Scale at its peak shortly before landfall.

Flash flooding is still the largest concern for coastal regions, given the sparsity of the area where the final landfall is expected. 300mm of rainfall could fall along some peripheral coastal regions, with rapid rain rates leading to flash flooding. A storm surge could also occur especially as the storm gets stronger.

Watch our full video update on Tropical Cyclone 18S using this link:

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