Flooding Rains Continue in Mozambique from Cyclone Freddy – February 26, 2023


After making landfall nearly two days ago, Cyclone Freddy is still throwing up a storm with heavy rainfall over large parts of southern Mozambique as it stalls over Gaza and Inhambane provinces. The system will continue to slowly track northwards before dissipating, although some of its remnant energy may survive and head back towards southern Madagascar. Over the next seven days, rainfall amounts could total over 800mm in some of these areas, with widespread areas of 100mm falls likely as far north as Beira and Quelimane, and as far south as Maputo.

Elsewhere, Cyclone Enala is stalling well to the southeast of Mauritius and is weakening somewhat. The storm is expected to reverse course for a while and move slightly north, potentially ramping back up in intensity for a short time before finally being killed off in around 4-5 days. In the South Pacific, a few areas of interest could develop in the next few days to weeks, with the most prominent system likely to reach cyclone status later today as it heads toward Vanuatu from the east. The storm is expected to clip the islands on the eastern side as it intensifies, possibly to major hurricane equivalent status. Another system is also starting to look favorable for development, reaching Vanuatu from the west just a couple of days after the first system.

Watch our full Tropical Weather Bulletin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHCT-4VLniw

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