‘Force For Good’ Charity Stream Starts at 17z! (1PM EST)


In the penultimate day of Force Thirteen Week, the celebration of the project’s 10th anniversary; members of Force Thirteen team up and add fun for “Force For Good,” a charity stream of Force Thirteen. It will be six hours of various activities to raise funds for the relief effort for those affected by the Haiti earthquake back in August.  This is in partnership with Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistance and disaster relief.

The sixth day of Force Thirteen Week includes an interview with last year’s partner charity, International Relief Teams and how it helped the people in Central America affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota; team member interviews; playing Among Us, Rocket League, Guess The Storm, Super Cyclone Challenge, Kahoot, and Jackbox Party Games.

If you want to help the fun and cause of the upcoming stream, you can join the stream starting at 1PM EST or 5PM UTC. Prepare your snacks and drinks for some awesome games played by Force Thirteen members.


Watch the stream here: https://youtu.be/EeEQeWmwFVg


Donate here: https://tiltify.com/@forcethirteen/force-for-good-2021

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