Historic Cyclone Freddy Continues Journey Off Coast of Madagascar – Video Update – March 7, 2023


Cyclone Freddy intensified substantially earlier today whilst continuing to coast along the shores of Madagascar, and has reached Category 2 status as it starts edging further out into the Mozambique Channel. The storm has now existed for 29 days, and is expected to last a fair while longer yet as it makes towards the coast of Mozambique, slowing down before it gets there. The storm is still likely to make landfall near Quelimane, but models are increasingly suggesting that the storm will turn back around over the Mozambique Channel before or after landfall. The forecast remains very low confidence with regards to final track and timing.

Regardless of the forecast, this storm is forecast to deliver very high amounts of rainfall to the entire region, causing major flooding concerns after the storm already passed through this area last week. Up to 24 inches (600mm) of rainfall are expected in the landfall area near Quelimane, and large areas of 10 inches (250mm) of rainfall extending well inland through Malawi, and still significant amounts extending into Zimbabwe, Zambia, and the rest of Madagascar. Out at sea where the storm is expected to move slowly before landfall, rainfall amounts could reach 50 inches. Freddy has maintained tropical cyclone status for approximately 26 days so far, and is likely to dethrone Hurricane John later next week if it retains tropical cyclone status until Sunday.

Watch our full update on Cyclone Freddy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVpBdXSXqgM

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