Hurricane Eta Rapidly Strengthens Into a Major Hurricane, Unsurvivable Conditions Expected in Nicaragua and Honduras


Hurricane Eta continues to intensify at an unprecedented rate as it is now forecasted so slam onshore as a Category 4 hurricane with the potential of becoming a Category 5. All preparations must be completed NOW in the hurricane zone as this storm will be the worst storm to hit the area in over 10 years.

Current Information and Forecast

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Hurricane Eta is currently located at 14.7 North 82.0 West or about 85 miles (135km) Eats of Cabo Gracias A Dios on the Nicaragua/Honduras border or about 105 miles (170km) away from the Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua moving West as a slow 9mph (15mph). Maximum Sustained winds have dramatically increased to 120mph (195kph) and the pressure has continued to fall and is now down to 957 millibars (28.26in. Hg). Further strengthening is anticipated and this storm could be a major hurricane very soon. A Hurricane Warning remains in effect for the Honduras/Nicaragua border to Sandy Bay Sirpi, Nicaragua and a Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch is in effect for the Honduras/Nicaragua Border to Punta Patusa, Honduras. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for Punta Pastusa to Punta Castilla, Honduras. The Current forecast favors a rapid intensification up until landfall with the storm peaking as a Category 4 hurricane with 140mph (225kph) and making landfall shortly after that. The storm will then slow to a crawl right off shore and as it moves inland which will expose areas to a prolonged period of Hurricane and Tropical Storm conditions.

Overall Threat to Land

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Hurricane Eta will deliver unsurvivable conditions to Honduras and especially Nicaragua. Extreme winds of 140mph (225kph) will hit the coast and will cause significant wind damage. Roof failure will be widespread, siding will be completely peeled off houses and all windows will blow out. This will create additional, flying debris that will be dangerous to those caught without shelter. The winds will propel a high and life-threatening storm surge that would be as high as 18′ in some places. There will be high amounts of inundation from this surge which will create additional destruction far from along the coast. These conditions will exist for a prolonged period of time as the storm is expected to stall right off shore for at least 30 hours, maybe longer. After this the storm will move slowly inland for the next several days which will cause severe flooding across Nicaragua and North into Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize. Rainfall will peak at almost 3 feet (890mm) across Nicaragua and Honduras with Belieze, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama all expected to receive 25in. (635mm) of rain from this storm. This will cause major urban flash flooding and river flooding as well as widespread mudslides which could wipe out any town in the mountainous region. Cities are already experiencing flash floods from regular rainfall in Honduras.

For those who have not made the necessary preparations and have evacuated….this is your last chance to do so. If you do not prepare for this storm, you will not survive. There is less than 10 hours before Tropical Storm force winds arrive and less than 24 hours before the storm makes landfall. Take the necessary precautions NOW and do not wait for the storm to arrive.

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3 years ago

Hopefully everyone heeds your warnings, James. Prayers for everyone to be effected by this monstrous storm.

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