Hurricane Orlene near Mexico, and Hurricane Ian Aftermath – Live Coverage

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Hurricane Orlene is the latest tropical threat, and is expected to impact the Mexican provinces of Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa in the next three days. The storm is also likely to make landfall or pass close to the Islas Marias, off to the west of Nayarit. Orlene is likely to peak with winds of around 90 miles per hour (145kph) and weaken rapidly once it makes its final landfall in Mexico.

Devastating Hurricane Ian made a catastrophic landfall on Cayo Costa, Florida on Wednesday where winds as high as 155 miles per hour impacted the region along with storm surge as high as 18 feet and as much as 2 feet of rain across the wider region. Storm surge also severely impacted parts of South Carolina as it made its final landfall near Myrtle Beach, and extensive flooding was reported in Charleston. The remnants of Ian are still active over the Mid-Atlantic region, where a few flood watches and coastal flood advisories remain from West Virginia to Chesapeake Bay. Ian was one of the strongest US landfalls in the past couple of years, rivaling Hurricane Michael of 2018 and Ida of 2021.

Live coverage will start at the top of the hour! (18z – 12PM MDT)

Watch here:

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