Hurricane Orlene Rapidly Intensifying – Tropical Weather Bulletin Oct 2, 2022


Another hurricane is rapidly intensifying, today it’s Orlene, headed towards the Mexican regions of Jalisco, Nayarit and Sinaloa. This storm is now a Category 2 hurricane, and is expected to continue intensifying overnight tonight and peak as a major hurricane early tomorrow. From there, wind shear will begin to impact the storm and weakening is expected of the small hurricane as it draws even closer to land. Areas most at risk at this time are the Islas Marias and western Jalisco.

Elsewhere, two Atlantic disturbances could develop in the long shadow of Hurricane Ian – both in the open Atlantic. One wave in the Central Atlantic could become a tropical cyclone as it approaches the Windward Islands and enters the Caribbean later this week. The other is more likely to become a tropical storm, and will pass west of Cape Verde and continue northwards, away from land.

Meanwhile, another early season surprise may be brewing this week in the Southern Indian Ocean, where an area of interest is beginning to take shape.

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