Join Force Thirteen! – 101 Days Recruitment Drive

Hurricane Season is on the way, and that means we’re starting up our largest ever contributor drive, which will span 101 days across the entire Force Thirteen Network!
Spread the word that we’re looking for anyone and everyone to help with our work this year. What are we looking for?
– Video Producers, Editors, and new voices for Storm Update videos
– New people for Live Streams across all channels, and tryouts for new presenters
– Graphics personnel to help us produce sitreps and storm related graphics
– People who want to try their hand at social media, SEO, and marketing to get the word out about our stuff
– For those not wanting so much of the spotlight, we need plenty of researchers and people to pass information and media onto our live teams
– Web editors! People who like to write articles about weather and storms. People who want journalistic experience
– And just general new personalities on our streams. If you feel a little shaky about storm knowledge but think you have a cool or exciting personality, please have a chat with us. Personalities matter and we may be able to train you up.
Contact us through Facebook or by e-mailing!
This contributor drive will be spread across all of our social media, and we will also be approaching individuals privately during the drive, making it our largest ever contributor drive.
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