June 2020 Tropical Cyclone Summary

June 2020 Tropical Cyclone Summary<strong class=" title="June 2020 Tropical Cyclone Summary" decoding="async">

This June has been a fairly inactive month worldwide with 6 total tropical cyclones and 5 named cyclones, although it still featured several notable storms.

The Atlantic Basin featured two systems, both of which were named. The first system, Tropical Storm Cristobal, formed on June 1 as Tropical Depression Three from the remnants of Tropical Storm Amanda, which had already caused deadly flooding in Central America, particularly El Salvador and Guatemala. After strengthening in the Bay of Campeche, Cristobal looped southward to strike Mexico at its 60 mph peak, and went on to deliver very heavy rainfall as it gradually turned northward, killing 2 in the country. Cristobal then reorganized over the Gulf of Mexico after spending several days inland, before making landfall over Louisiana as a very large tropical storm. Cristobal survived as a depression as far inland as Wisconsin before turning post-tropical early on June 10, and caused 2 overall deaths in the United States. Overall damages are currently estimated at $343 million.

Cristobal was the third cyclone of the North Atlantic season, and is seen here making landfall in Mexico as the sun rises on it.

The second Atlantic system, Dolly, developed as Subtropical Depression Four on June 22 offshore of the northeastern US, before turning fully tropical and strengthening into a tropical storm the following day. However, Dolly only reached peak winds of 45 mph before succumbing to cooler waters on June 24. Dolly was a fairly small system, and did not cause notable impacts to land.

A fairly small system, Dolly became one of the northernmost systems in the Atlantic on record during the month of June.

The North Indian Ocean featured one storm- Severe Cyclonic Storm Nisarga. Forming in the Arabian Sea on June 1, Nisarga organized gradually before rapidly intensifying leading up to landfall near Alibag, India on June 3, at which point it had attained peak 3-minute winds of 70 mph and 1-minute winds of 85 mph, equivalent to a Category 1. Nisarga dissipated rapidly on June 4. Damages from Nisarga are currently estimated at $665 million, with 6 deaths occurring in the state of Maharashtra.

Nisarga was the costliest, deadliest and strongest cyclone worldwide this month. It can be seen here making landfall over India at its peak intensity.

In the Western Pacific, one tropical storm formed- Tropical Storm Nuri. A weak and disorganized system, Nuri peaked as a 45 mph storm while crossing the South China Sea before impacting southern China and Hong Kong. Damages from Nuri are unknown, although Nuri caused 1 death in Hong Kong.

While it was a weak and disorganized system, Nuri tracked through the South China Sea and caused flooding in the Phillipines, Hong Kong and China.

The Eastern Pacific also featured two systems. Tropical Storm Boris formed from Tropical Depression Three on June 24, strengthening to reach its peak as a 40 mph storm early on June 26 before weakening to a depression shortly thereafter. However, Boris crossed into the Central Pacific late on June 26, which made it the second tropical cyclone in history to do so in the month of June, with Barbara of 2001 being the only other cyclone to exist in the Central Pacific in June. Boris continued to become disorganized, and degenerated into a remnant low on June 28. Boris did not impact land.

Boris was another weak Eastern Pacific system, remaining a tropical storm for only 12 hours.

The second Eastern Pacific system, Tropical Depression Four, was a short-lived system that formed on June 30 southwest of Baja California. Four dissipated soon afterwards on the same day after peaking as a 35 mph depression, without causing significant impact to land.

Another disheveled and short-lived system, Four failed to strengthen as its existence spanned less than a day.

The strongest storm was Cyclone Nisarga, which attained peak 3-minute winds of 70 mph and 1-minute winds of 85 mph as well as a pressure of 990 mbar. The longest-lived storm was Cristobal, whose tropical phase spanned from June 1 to June 10. Collectively, the six systems that occurred this month caused 11 deaths and just over $1 billion USD in damages.

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