LIVE – Major Severe Threat on Tap Today for the Central US


We have a double threat of significant weather conditions on tap today for areas of the Central US, as we will be covering both a major severe weather event expected to unfold today across areas of the Mid Mississippi Valley, Midwest and Mid South US, which extends down towards the Ozarks and Red River Valley.

In addition, an extreme fire risk exists for areas of the Southern and Central High Plains which could result in a double threat.

Force Thirteen US will be live at 3:45 PM ET, to cover both of these heightened risk areas, take your questions, provide our observations, and take you through both of these particular threats in depth today. We will most likely be going into the overnight hours, so do indeed stick around with us for that! To keep up to date with the latest information from us here on Force Thirteen US, check out our outlets to support us, and keeping up to date with the latest weather information!

Watch our Live Coverage Here:

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