Ma-on exits the Philippines, likely to become a typhoon – Video Update – August 23, 2022


Tropical Storm Ma-on has cleared the coast of the Philippines, but its bands are still producing substantial winds and heavy rainfall over large parts of Luzon. A total of 300mm of further rainfall is expected for parts of northwestern Luzon as the storm drifts away.

Ma-on is expected to intensify into a typhoon as it progresses across the South China Sea, passing just south of Dongsha and then onto the coast of China, likely making landfall in western Guangdong later this week. Storm conditions are expected to reach Hong Kong and Macau on Wednesday evening. Flooding rains are also expected in parts of southern China and into northern Vietnam by the end of the week, with 300mm possible in parts of the Leizhou peninsula.

Watch our full video update here:

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