Cyclone threat increasing for Madagascar and Mauritius

Cyclone threat increasing for Madagascar and Mauritius<strong class=" title="Cyclone threat increasing for Madagascar and Mauritius" decoding="async" fetchpriority="high">

A tropical disturbance continues to build up off the coast of northern Madagascar, and is expected to ramp up in intensity later this week. The system is already producing large amounts of rain, and that is set to continue as the storm deepens. Forecasts call for potentially a Category 3 peak as it moves very slowly near Madagascar, before making for the Mascarene islands near the end of the week and swiping Mauritius and Réunion. Whilst confidence in the forecast is increasing, there is still a fair amount of wriggle room, especially with regards to timing, and some model scenarios still put the storm over or even to the west of Madagascar. Suffice to say, rapid intensification is likely to occur at some point, and a recurvature to the southeast is also likely later on. This is likely to put the Mascarene islands at risk of strong cyclonic winds and high rainfall.

Watch our full update on this system here:

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