Cyclone Hidaya Nears the Coast of Tanzania – Video Update


Cyclone Hidaya peaked this morning as a strong Category 1 hurricane equivalent storm, and is still holding on to a lot of its strength as it draws nearer to the coast of Tanzania. Whilst it’s still unclear exactly where landfall will occur, it’s looking more likely that it will be near Mafia Island. The storm is expected to rapidly weaken as it reaches land, and some signs of weakening are already becoming apparent. However, strong winds of over 50 miles per hour (80kph) and torrential rainfall with accumulations of up to 12 inches (300mm) are possible, causing structural damage and flash flooding. There remains the possibility, as suggested by Meteo France, that the storm will curve completely away from land, but not before producing storm conditions along coastal areas tonight and tomorrow.

Watch our full update on Cyclone Hidaya using this link:

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