Khanun Reaches Kyushu, Lan a Typhoon, Dora Stays Strong – Tropical Weather Bulletin – August 9, 2023


The Pacific is a hub of activity today, with Khanun still the largest threat passing the western coast of Kyushu as a strong tropical storm. Typhoon warnings are in effect for the region, with gale warnings extending as far east as Hyogo. Warnings are also now in effect for a large chunk of the South Korean coast, including the city of Busan. The storm is expected to make landfall in Korea in a couple of days, and continues to move slowly at the present time.

Typhoon Lan strengthened rapidly in the last 24 hours, and could seriously affect the Ogasawara island chain with winds of over 100 miles per hour and heavy rainfall, which could reach 500mm. Rainfall from both of these storms are likely to cause widspread areas of 300mm accumulations. Lan could continue towards the mainland of Japan, including the Tokyo region, and could make landfall there as a significant typhoon.

Hurricane Dora continues to roll on through the Central Pacific, and is now located well to the south of Hawaii. Its winds are still at high end Category 3 range, and only slow weakening is expected. The storm is expected to pass south of Johnstone Atoll, and could strike Wake Island as a weak tropical storm.

Several areas of interest are also active, with three low chance AOIs in the next seven days. At least one of these systems is more likely to form later on in the forecast period.

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