2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Animation


The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season was overall a near-average season, despite the numerous forecasts for a much above-average season. Despite the activity being lower than forecast, the season still packed a punch, with multiple tropical cyclones striking coastal areas stretching from South America to Atlantic Canada.

The most impactful storm of the season was Hurricane Ian, which formed in late September. The storm made a major-hurricane landfall in Cuba, then made a catastrophic category 4 landfall in Southwestern Florida. Damages from Ian are still not fully known, but for now, damages are estimated to be at least 50 Billion US$, and unfortunately the storm took over 150 lives.

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season, while not the most active, certainly showed that you do not need a very active hurricane season to have multiple devastating storms. Now, our analysis team has looked over all the storms within the season, and that analysis is available within the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season Animation.

Now relive the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1mxbdRRZQU

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1 year ago

So, is Ian a Category 4 or Category 5?

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