Activity in the Atlantic Ocean increases as Major Hurricane Franklin recurves and Hurricane Idalia strengthening


Major Hurricane Franklin

Major Hurricane Franklin now a Category 4 Major Hurricane moving North expected to turn Northeast nearing the country of Bermuda, The current storm location of Major Hurricane Franklin is around 30?4°N 70.7°W and is moving North-North-East at 9mph and with Sustained winds (1-min SSHWS) of 130 miles per hour and central pressure of 935 millibars.

Its quite far from land and will remain to be far from land till it dissipates.

Local Effects/Storm Warnings

Not Alot of potential danger will be caused by Major Hurricane Franklin as it is away from land, However Tropical Storm watch has been issued in the Island of Bermuda. Rain showers i. e. Thunderstorms and flooding may occur in Bermuda Island.

Future Forecast of Major Hurricane Franklin

as said earlier, Major Hurricane Franklin will and will be far from land, as it moves North-North-East it is expected to do a recurve Northeast slingshotting itself towards the country of Iceland. as previously mentioned thunderstorms and flooding still poses a threat in Bermuda and possibly Iceland as turns extratropical. Major Hurricane Franklin will past west of Bermuda then curving Northeast towards Iceland.

Track of Major Hurricane Franklin as it moves NNE than Northeast.

Hurricane Idalia

Hurricane Idalia now a Hurricane North of Cuba is still strengthening and is located around 23.8°N and 83.8°W and is moving North at 14 miles per hour. It has Sustained Winds (1-minute SSHWS) of around 80 miles per hour and a central pressure of 977 millibars.

Dostance from Major Cities are listed below:

Havana, Cuba – 184 miles

Key West, Florida – 190 miles

Tampa, Florida – 280 miles

Miami, Florida – 300 miles

Tallahassee, Florida – 410 miles

Local Effect/Storm Warnings

As Hurricane Idalia moves towards the Floridan Peninsula, warnings in Cuba is expected to be lifted after it gets far away from Cuba, as for Florida however, things are looking not too great for them as Hurricane Idalia is expected to have storm surges up to 12 ft or higher in the Northern coast of Florida.

Storm Surge map for Florida Georgia and South Carolina from Hurricane Idalia

While Storm Surge is a big Problem from Idalia, Flooding is also a big Problem not only for Florida but also for Georgia and South Carolina with a high Flooding potential reaching as far as North Carolina

Flooding Potential map from Hurricane Idalia

Sone Warnings and Watches has been issued for Florida as Hurricane Idalia approaches,

Tropicak Storm watch has been issued at Florida Key West and South Carolina. Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for most of Florida and Southern Island in Cuba. Hurricane Warning has been issued for Tampa Bay all the way up to Tallahassee the states Capital.

Future Forecast

as Hurricane Idalia approaches Florida, It is expected to peak as a Major Hurricane as a Category 3 storm as it makes landfall in Florida. If you are within the Area in Florida please evacuate as this storm is very dangerous. This storm is expected to peak at 110 knots or 125 miles per hour or stronger. Storm Surge and Flooding Potential as mentioned earlier is very high so please if you are within the shore, evacuate.

The cities within the path of Hurricane Idalia is Tampa, Florida, Tallahassee Florida, Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina.

Track of Hurricane Idalia as it approaches Florida

Other Disturbances and Storms

There is a Disturbance off the coast of Africa with a 29% chance of Formation and Tropical Depression 11 East of Franklin.

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