Atlantic Ocean still remains active


Hurricane Nigel

Hurricane Nigel still a Hurricane but it has weakened a Category 1 currently located at 40.6°N and 47.8°W and is moving NE at a very high speed of 30 miles per hour. Storms current intensity at 85 miles per hour and with a central pressure 977 millibars. Hurricane Nigel is currently about 495 miles or 800 kilometers southeast of the port city of Cape Race, Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada.

Local Effects/ Storm Warnings

Hurricane Nigel will and never will pose a threat to land as this storm is moving away from any nearby land settlements and cities, No cities, countries, or inhabited islands are in the cone of the storm. But the NHC suggests it approaches very near Iceland, Some 300km southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland then turn Northwest towards the icy glaciers of Iceland.

Future Forecast

As said prior, Hurricane Nigel will remain out to sea and will never affect any major landmass, but when it turns post-tropical it might potentially pose a threat to Iceland and Greenland as a Post Tropical Storm. The largest city that could be impacted by Nigel when it turns Post Tropical is Reykjavik, the capital and largest city of Iceland. Flooding is not a concern since it won’t dump alot of rain unto Iceland. However Storm surge might be a particular problem for the Southwestern coast of Iceland when Nigel approaches, so in early preparation it is best advised to stay out from the shore when Nigel approaches.

Area of Interest/ Disturbance 1

Area of Interest or Disturbance 1 is a Disturbance trying to develop off the shore of Africa. It is estimated to be 200km South of Cabo de Verdé or Cape Verde. This storm is expected to gradually move West and develop.

Future Forecast

Area of Interest or Disturbance 1 currently has a 10% development chance (2-days) and 70% development chance (7-days) it is expected to hit the North of the Lesser Antilles and potentially hit Puerto Rico and Hispañola. This storm poses a great threat to those areas as model suggests this storm to be a strong hurricane, not a Major Hurricane, however.

Area of Interest or Disturbance 2

Area of Interest or Disturbance 2 is also a disturbance trying to form East of the Georgian-Carolina Coast. It is estimated to be some 100-200km East of Georgia. This storm is gradually moving Northeast at a slow slow pace.

Future Forecast

Area of Interest or Disturbance 2 currently has a low development chance of 10% (2-days) and a medium formation chance of 40% (7-days). This storm also poses a threat to the East Coast as it might dump rain, and bring Storm surge to the coast. Flooding is potentially expected.

General Summary or Conclusion

To conclude this Article, this is a short summary of the article.

Hurricane Nigel – now currently a 85 miles per hour storm with a central pressure of 977 millibars which does not pose a threat to land, It is moving 30mph Northeast and is expected to turn Post Tropical.

Disturbance 1 – It is a lowly disturbance which might form with a 70% chance of development in the next 7 days. This disturbance poses a great threat to the Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, and Hispañola.

Disturbance 2 – Also a lowly disturbance with a medium chance of development (40%) in the next 7 days. This storm poses a threat to the West Coast particularly the states of Georgia and the Carolinas.

Trsck of Hurricane Nigel as it moves Northeast very quickly.

North Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook (7-day Outlook)

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